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July 1 is the start of a new membership year.  RENEW your membership today! We are the Wellesley Network - join for the first time or renew your membership here. For questions, please contact us at membership@wellesleyboston.com.

WCAB welcomes and encourages the participation of all Boston-area Wellesley alumnae in its activities.  

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Mission Statement

The purpose of WCAB (as set in Article II of its Articles of Organization) is as follows:

  • further the interests of Wellesley College and its alumnae
  • serve as a resource to Boston-area alumnae
  • serve as a medium of communication among Boston-area Wellesley alumnae and between the alumnae and Wellesley College
  • encourage Boston-area alumnae to contribute to the continued excellence of the College

Problems or questions with the site? Email techteam@wellesleyboston.com.

WCAB Board

 presidents@wellesleyboston.com             Bridget O'Connor Garsh '04

 secretary@wellesleyboston.com           Amelia Gray '03

 treasurers@wellesleyboston.com            Alex Somers Lahr '01

 programming@wellesleyboston.com     Genia Demetriades '84

 membership@wellesleyboston.com        Merri Klingerman '07

 admissions@wellesleyboston.com     Michelle Iandoli Lamendola '06

 techteam@wellesleyboston.com          Brenda Frazier '99 

 newsletter@wellesleyboston.com             MJ Pullins '94

 E-blast Communications
 communications@wellesleyboston.com       MJ Pullins '94

 Authors on Stage
 aos@wellesleyboston.com                        Mary Baughman '66

 Davis Scholars
 davis@wellesleyboston.com                   Tracy Kukkonen DS '98